Selling partial postions

On CFD is there anyway I can sell let’s say 1/100 shares I own instead of closing the full position?

Nope lol it’s all or nothing unfortunately or a few of us would be multimillionaires courtesy of t212

Your trade isn’t say 100 shares. It’s the difference of price from the time you struck the trade to the time you close it. The trade is the difference not the shares.


Cocopops trading at £2

You buy 100x

You sell at £2.10

100x 10p is your winnings not 100x £2.10


There is a way if your account is set in aggregating mode - just verified it on the demo.

If you go to the open position, right click and select edit position. Then you can do a market order sell for the quantity desired. It will then sell that number of contracts aka a partial close.


Have you tried this in real life? It doesn’t work lol

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Yeah lol I literally do it this way all the time.

Plus just did in the demo to verify I wasn’t imagining things.

(See partial close of 100 contracts then the remaining 70 closed as usual…)

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Does that not mess up your buying price though? Combines them all to give an average buy instead of hedging account you have the price you bought at for each position opened? If going long and buying from dips surely this would put you in at a higher price as last price paid would be higher?

It works just like Invest/ISA does when it’s aggregating.

Don’t see how that would impact your buying price, as in aggregating mode everything is done in averages.

So you have an average buy price rather than loads of individual buy prices for different contracts. By definition, selling contracts doesn’t change your average (buy) price - as you can see in screenshots above.

I’m new to it so gonna have a play about in demo mode see how it differs :slight_smile: couldn’t be any worse than today’s losses :joy::see_no_evil:

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Yeah definitely give it a go. Really handy way of scaling out of a position and taking a bit of exposure off the table before the trade ends up going against you!

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Thank you very much :slight_smile: I most certainly will be delving into this to check it out

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Damn shame you missed the single option in settings, otherwise would be sending us selfies from Jacht @Bali

Not a shame at all it’s a completely separate trading usage and not one in which the writer of this post had used nor could it be used for what we were speaking about but hey, glad you picked it up :wink:

Are you sure you need to be in aggregate mode to partially sell? I tried it in hedging mode. Works too. Just edit position and sell whatever quantity. Works in the practice account at least.

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Will try when markets open but, pretty positive you can’t

On Aggregate Mode -
If say, you [Buy] 100 shares and would want to partially sell 50, [Sell] 50 shares. This action will deduct 50 from your original 100 shares. It will show “Partially Closed” under Report>Result tab.

You can also switch side -
Position: [Buy] 100 shares
You want to go short
[Sell] 200 shares
This will close your 100 shares Long; and will show [Sell] 100 shares new position.

I just switched to hedging mode. Bought 5 NASDAQs. Went to edit the same position, sold 2.5 NASDAQs.

2.5 NASDAQs remaining. So scaling out of a position works (on practice mode at least).

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