CFD and Invest Stock Identifier

Alrighty! Time for a new feature.

I tend to request stocks that already exists, and that’s because I’m mainly a CFD user for the time being, and a lazy snob.

Example: Another Stock to Add $FLIR

I feel that it’s time to add a CFD/Invest Identifier, in that, when we search for a stock on the search bar all relevant stocks are shown, but those that are invest only has an orange logo, in typical trading 212 font, showing the letters “IN” for “invest” just like the fractional identifiers.

This way, if we search for a stock that is available on Invest/ISA only, we won’t need to go back and forth from CFD to Invest/ISA. And of course we won’t keep asking for stocks that already exists. Just a suggestion! :grin:

I’m in the opposite boat, so only really use the Invest side.
I think it could be a good idea but put into practice might be somewhat difficult for T212 to implement and keep updated etc. No idea. :face_with_monocle:

I think they do it as it is right now to try and keep everything segmented. Like, I could imagine about 100 new threads per day from new users mentioning something along the lines of:
"I can see it in the list but it won’t let me trade it, what’s wrong …" etc.

So for people who are used to the platform, I guess it could be beneficial, but for new users it could be a stumbling block.

Interesting idea though. Maybe they will tweak it to suit.
I know a lot is due once they make the switch to the new data provider, so possibly this would become obsolete in the future.