CFD Reports for tax year

Is there a way to get CFD reports for a tax year? Eg Apr20 to Apr21 for this year’s tax return? Cheers

You can copy/paste the monthly reports into Exel or Google Sheets

Ah ok. But you can’t get a full year downloadable CSV file like you can on the Invest account platform?

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The feature is not available yet, however, it’s in development and we’ll make sure to inform you, once it’s up & running. In the meantime, feel free to have a look at this thread, where a similar question was brought up in the past. I’m pretty sure, it’ll give you some great insights.

Thank you for your help. Just out of interest, do you think it will be ready by Dec? I’m just thinking about dates for tax return. Regards, Matt

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Be good to know when you think it will be done?

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We are not able to provide you with ETA regarding the feature that allows you to export your CFD investments manually. Nevertheless, you can contact us at the end of the tax year and we’ll be able to send a tax statement for all 3 account types - CFD, Invest, ISA.