CFD Stock Request

Hi T212,

These stocks are already available on T212 Investing, but please, could you add them in CFDs for selling short strategies?

Corporacion Acciona Energias (ANE)
Atresmedia (A3M)
Prosegur (PSG)
Edreams Odigeo (EDR)
Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles (CAF)
Vidrala (VID)
Applus Services (APPS)
Alba Corporacion (ALB)
Mediaset (TL5)
Aedas Homes (AEDA)
Metrovacesa (MVC)

Thanks and kind regards

Hi T212 team,

I saw you added the symbols! Thanks for that. But I cannot place orders nor modify the volume in any of them, 0.1 max?:

Kind regards

Hey. :wave:

We’ve just increased the maximum trading quantity for the abovementioned instruments. Enjoy!

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