CFD tax reporting - HMRC

Hi, I am doing my HMRC tax returns. I did quite a bit of CFD trading and trying to figure out how to disclose this in my return. The returns requires disposal proceeds to be disclosed. How do I calculate this? The annual statement from Trading 212 does not provide enough information for this (for eg: FX rates are missing).

Also to calculate the cost, the statement only shows average price rather than price of every contract traded. Given the matching rules, how can I calculate the right price in GBP?

I think if you to an orders tab, you will have each buying transaction together with exchange rates. It will show how much you paid for the shares. When you sell it is the same, it shows you fees as well as loss or profit made.

The order tab doesn’t actually give you the FX rate. It shows the pricing in the base currency of the instrument rather than in GBP which is what I need for tax reporting purposes.

Go to the History tab of the stock you sold and tap on the sell order. All the information you need is there.