CFD trading on Buy and Sell

Hi All

I am new to CFD and more interested in day trading. hence, I would need to take profit at short period of time. However, I am very confused on buying and selling CFD.

I noticed that buying price is always higher than selling price. Let say if placing order to buy, and aiming for long. If this is the case, then i will immediately make lose as the current price is always lower than buying price.

For some reason, the current price is always the selling price. It will take quite a long time for some trade for the buying price go above the price I pay when placing order.

Because of this, I am so confused how to make profit from buying long position.

Any suggestion and advice are very welcome

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Welcome to share trading.

Sell price is always lower than buy price. If the sell price was higher then you could buy, immediately sell at a profit, buy again and repeat infinitely for infinite profit.


Thank you for your explanation.

Could you share some advice on how to make profit on CFD for day trading?

I noticed that I will immediately make a loss if I place an order regardless buy or sell. I believe this is due to the spread

I am looking for a quick turn around for profit.

many thanks

I am still very confused with CFD

The screen print above show me place Sell order at 9.1589, but the close price is now 9.1551. I expect to take some profit, because I play short

why does it still show I am making loss?


Is it because you put in another SELL order , where you should have CLOSED the one you had? I think you hit an X.
There’s a youtube which covers this - the one saying never use CFDs!