Cfd spread question

Hello i have a qustion i wanted to try cfd at a virtual account . I wanted to short a position as soon as i filled the order i had a instant loss of 45$ with an order of 3,872$ . I bought 100 shares of revolut at 38.72 each , the actual price without the spread was 38,96, so the difference is about 0.24$ per share so i should have a instant loss of 24$ instead of 45 , becouse i am a noob my question is when i buy back my shares logically i dont buy the shares with the actual price but with the cfd ‘‘buy price’’ right , i am little confused becouse the gap sell and buy seems very big ? ( i used $ cause my keyboard doent have euro’s symbol)

If you enter the position short you will take the SELL price (BID), and then you look at the BUY price (ASK) for the exit.

You’ll need the BUY price lower than your avg to start going into profit as when you close your position you’ll be essentially be buying them back cheaper and making a profit on the fall in price.

(You don’t click on the BUY button to close the existing short position, if you did you’ll create a second position going long)

If you right click the chart you can flip it to show the BUY instead when short.

Theres a FX fee in CFD of 0.5% for currency conversion