Change username

@Trading212, how can I change my community username? Thank you.

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Looks like this option has not been enabled.

@David or @Tony.V Is this something we can have enabled please?

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It probably isn’t their choice. Likely not something discourse has on the platform

Hi. Sorry, but I am not sure I understand what this means?

Trading 212 did not develop this community forum, its from a company called Discourse. So they probably can’t add change username functionality

I have done a quick search and it would seem there is a setting in Discourse that would allow a username change within your T212 admin) rights. Link follows:
Seeing as I have not had my account very long at all and do not risk losing user familiarity or care too much about my existing posts, is this something you could support? That or give a user up to three days to change their username?

I haven’t got the power to change username, only one of @Team212 probably could.

Or change the options to show the name rather than username as we can freely choose the name.

I can help you out with this. :v:

@britsy_em check your inbox, please.

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