Chart settings and layout

Hello Guys,

When searching an instrument, it show a window with basic line setup/layout.
Enlarging it and now we change the line setup into candlestick setup. Thats what the majortiy of us use anyway. Now chosing the layout/pattern we want to use for that particular chart.

When opening again a nother intrument it show again the basic line up setup. Where we again have to change the settings into candlestick etc…

When chosing a setting for the first instrument, that layout should be added and applied automatically to the next instrument and the next and the next we open, unless we make the adjustment manually.
Once opend to a certain layout that layout should be applied to all opened instrument after that.
Is there a possibility this can be changed?

Also is it possible to lose the window that pops up where it says “Add to watchlist” and “Open charts”. We already made a search clicked on it en we already want to open that instrument.

Chart should be opened automatically into the layout. This extra popup is a bit to much and unecesarry imo, takes to much time. ‘Add it to watchlist’ button should be shown when opening up this instrument/chart, that should enough.

So, basic Line setup into the chosen standard layout for all intruments automatically.
and losing the popup window which is an unecessary stop in my opinion.

You are awsome guys!

Much love to you.

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I don’t really understand fully but are you asking for a default template?

You can on desktop by creating a template and then clicking on the padlock symbol to set your custom as the default.

Unfortunately you can’t do this on the app version.

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Thanks for you reply.