Chesapeake Energy Close

Chesapeake Energy has been delisted and now trading on the OTC Market.

When can I close my open positions?

It’s annoying not knowing if it will be a week or a year before I can do anything.
Currently saying suspended when I try to close.

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Hello @akanwar,

We are working on providing access to OTC trading on CFD as well - should be available in the following months. Sorry for the caused inconvenience.

Thanks. Is it possible to close the open positions at the current market rate?

Only when the access to OTC is provided.

I’m just curious. Why were you holding stock in a bankrupt company? Even holding it into delisting?

I had a position before they declared bankrupt. Trading got suspended when they delisted so havent been able to close.

Please close my trades, 3 months is ridiculous, there must be another way!!!