What will happen to Chesapeake Energy (CHK)?

It seems like the company has filed bankruptcy and trading halt?

In case, somebody is holding it, what will happen to them?

I would really like to know this. I have a tiny amount in a CFD but canโ€™t sell due to trading being suspended. All I want to ensure is I donโ€™t get hit with a big loss. Iโ€™m happy to sell at the tiny profit I have or break even.

If I have to guess from the Hertz and Luckins Coffee case, I think trading will be resume eventually. At that point, you can sell it like normally.

But I donโ€™t know when it will be resumed or what will happen if we never close off the position till the end.

Wonder what that massive rally on it yesterday was all about.

Luckin coffee is going to come off in the next few weeks after the Nasdaq meeting. Seems the CEO/COO has a track record of doing this