Stock price now updating

Hi, TRNX is not updating to the current price, for some days. Any advice/help why?

@Tex Taronis Technologies has been delisted from NASDAQ. We’re trying to access US OTC Markets as quickly as possible to make these stock tradeable, otherwise, the positions would need to be liquidated.

I have a very very small amount of shares and aware of the delisting. Does liquidated mean sold at latest OTC price? I note you can still buy and sell so must be OTC within T212?

@Tex, thanks for raising this,

@David , I have same problem as well and have a substantial open position with Taronis Technologies. Can you please explain what does liquidation mean. I hope you manage to get the required access and make this stock tradeable again soon.

Liquidate means close all positions at the last available OTC price (not delisting price).

It has been over 9 days and the taronis technologies stock price isn’t updating on my app? As you know this has been a massive loss to all those that are holding… it’s so disappointing to see the slow response.

@KingTechno Taronis has been delisted from the regulated trading venues, that’s why prices are not updating.
OTC trading isn’t as simple as regular trading on venues like NYSE/NASDAQ. We’re trying to gain access to OTC markets so that you can trade your shares without any worries. This may take a while.

@David, Any update on this? The price has been continuously going down and I have a sizeable amount locked.

What are the options?


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@David I’m also waiting on an update. Please let us know the resolution.