China telecom giants to be delistsd

As per the link below, 3 telecom giants will be delisted from NYSE.

My question is, will this mean we’ll need to sell these stocks soon? Is there no way T212 could convert our shares to the HK shares?

BBC News - Wall Street to kick out Chinese telecom giants


Interested to hear about this; I have positions in all 3 telecom carriers and they are supposed to be exchangeable with HK-listed ordinary shares via the depositary.

Will our shares just be auto-sold or trade OTC etc?


I think I took the best decision in using an ETF for Chinese companies

Posted the same question on Reddit. The consensus there was that they will just shift on to the OTC market, which means that we just wouldn’t be able to hold them in an ISA account but otherwise fine.

they’ve still taken a bit of a dive today though (At least CHL has).

Any update on this? China unicom has not traded since Monday, what happens to the stock we currently hold?

NYSE reversed the decision, the companies will not be delisted.

Yes and no, they reversed the decision, then reversed the reversal, the delisting is definitely happening…