CHK stock not updating

Chesapeake Energy (CHK) stock is stuck on 3.1056 since 9-Feb-2021 at 18:30, why is this not updating?

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Did you find a reason for this? Came across this page as am also confused

I’ve noticed CHK is showing an entirely different share price when you look it up on Google finance… Guessing there has been some restructuring of their stock. Unsure how this will impact existing short positions :confused:

Looks like it’s been delisted from NYSE and relisted on NASDAQ… Explains the price freeze during transition but unclear what happens to those juicy shorts. Annoying as I was planning on closing mine out right around now, so lets hope they’re unaffected and go live again soon

ICONIC LABS stock also not updating @Team212

Hey :wave: ,

Chesapeake Energy has changed trading venues. From the OTC market to NASDAQ.

We are currently waiting for our intermediary to apply the necessary changes. Trading with the instrument will resume as per usual once the transition is finalized.