Chrome extension to show true invested return

I’ve created a Chrome extension (unpublished) that shows the true return on investment (see screenshot below).


My question is does this violate any of the terms of use? The terms of use state:

The Services are intended for your personal, non-commercial use only.

It is prohibited to use, store, reproduce, display, modify, sell, publish and distribute the Services without our prior written permission.

My extension is only for private use only my personal computer at the moment, and if I made it public I would not be commercializing it. But I would like to make it public as I commonly see this request on reddit and this forum.

The reason I’m not sure if this would be allowed under the T&C is that I am modifying and displaying differently one of the services (porfolio-summary). I’m sure it’s okay, but if someone from T212 could give some feedback, that would be great.



This is awesome. Love it!

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nice you created something, I hope we can use it. what exactly is the ‘true return’ on the investment?

How have you calculated it? And does it collect data from it’s users that you have personal access to? It’s a great idea, and would love to see it published. Hopefully you can have a chat with one of the @Team212 to get it cleared.
And out of interest, does this account for stocks splits? Like when Tesla did theirs and you got compensated in cash for it

I think it just uses the amount deposited (removing withdrawals) and the total value, to find how much it grew and the percentage. It would be also the simplest way with minimal data.

Still a little useless for me since my account started in the invest side, and has a lot of errors from stock splits. So I think the spreadsheet works best lol

Since it’s for private use, I don’t think your in violation of any terms. My opinion though.

Yeah unfortunately this extension only works for ISA. The calculation is basically: current investment amount - ISA contribution. All I’m interested in is how much money I know have versus how much I’ve invested into T212. I don’t like the current way it calculates that, which is to double-count money you’ve invested if you re-invest it.

There are two ways I can check this:

  1. Scrape the DOM (this is how I’m currently doing it)
  2. Call and pull the details out of that

It would be good to hear from @Team212 if either of these options are allowed under the T&C!

It’s private at the moment, but I would like to open it up as a public Chrome extension for others to use if they wish!

The ISA contribution only shows the current tax years contribution, does it not? So it won’t work in the new tax year. I have only used the ISA this tax year so have no idea what happens

Surec, You Send your query to @ mentioning the admins May be