Cineworld - time to buy?

Cineworld dumped 30% - would you buy it now or likely to go down further?

The only time I would have bought would have been the 16 entry to 29 exit bounce this morning. A nice profit in less than an hour.

:bear: It’s going to keep bleeding back from here would be my guess. Worse case scenario they don’t reopen.

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True. Real shame. I enjoyed going to my local Cineworld. Will miss it😞

Is this on CFD? I know nothing about it. Any links to learn more on it?

If you are wanting to go short on it, it is on CFD

I was just talking Invest/ISA in a quick bounce place. I think the best time to short it would have been at 29, as it’ll go back down to test 16 again. At 22 it’s more risking starting as it’ll bumble around sideways from here.

Thanks for the detail. Cheers