Sold Cineworld but puzzled

back in October I sold my Cineworld shares on news of them potentially going into administration. I know, I should’ve held right!

Anyway, as you can see I sold them for p16.73 but I’m unsure why as on that day the lowest price was around p27.36

I’m sure there’s an explanation for this so thought I’d ask the question as I’m quite new to investing.

Thank you

you have to look on the smallest chart, the monthly and larger charts don’t tell the full range of prices that were reached that day.

if there was an issue you really should have spotted it on the day. the trade was done OTC so other charts won’t show anything and you will need to reach @Team212 for support.

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It was difficult to hold at the time, I also heard the same news. They were and still are going through a difficult time, cinemas are one of the most affected industries by the pandemic even recently I don’t see any positive change for them yet for the next few months. It’s a gamble, honestly I still believe they will do fine in a while but holding onto them would be difficult for me also. I didn’t buy this stock it’s in my watchlist however I don’t feel confident enough to buy shares yet. Don’t regret, I have a long list of stocks sold too early as well but nothing you can do , only looking for the next good buying opportunity and forget about the gone deal.

You sold through a market order, which means your shares went to the best bidder at that time, regardless of price.

It definitely hit 16p for a very small amount of time that day, at the opening of the day I believe.

I remember this day well :palms_up_together: but I missed the play. How to double your money in minutes.

Good guess on the bounce :sunglasses:

Weekly has legs but the daily is getting over sold now. Recovered back to that 200 EMA.

I’d be selling soon. :neutral_face:


I am new as well, but one thing I have noticed when looking at my investments, is that they go all over the place in value each day. At the time you pressed the sell button, they would have sold at what the share was valued at at that precise moment in time, not valued at what they were at the close of play for the day. I have a couple of times sold too early, thinking a share was going to continue its downward movement, for it to bounce back up just after I had sold. Now I watch a little more closely, and look at the breakdown over the course of the day for a few days prior to see what types of movement happen in the sales before jumping the gun. Doesn’t ALWAYS work, but has now been more reliable than my just panic selling, and not watching what the day’s trend was. Don’t know if this has helped you, but hope it has.