Class C shares instead of dividends

What happens on this platform if your holding shares in a company who instead of paying a dividend, issue Class C shares to their shareholders.

Do we receive anything on T212 as we would with a normal dividend?

T212 method on such events has been fairly consistent…so, best guess goes like this

If the C shares are on an exchange T212 can access and want to list on platform… you get shares.

If not, they usually sell and credit you the cash


But without greater clarity I’m guessing.

BEP and BEPC by any chance?

Hello @Lewdy,

If a stock dividend is paid out to the shareholders of a stock you own, you will receive it’s cash equivalent (similar to a normal dividend) through our platform, as we are yet to implement share allocation.

Rolls Royce :wink:

Doubt they will be paying it for the next couple of years anyway, but I just read it on their website and was interested.