Shareholder Perks. How does one get them under Trading 212?

Hi guys!

Most companies offer shareholders incentives for holding their shares, for example Legal and General give you Discounts on Life Insurance, or another company give you Breaks on a Holiday if they specialise in those.

How does one take advantage of these things if you own them under Trading 212? Do you have to ask T212 to give you a Shareholder Number to quote the company in question?

Curious as to how it works.


In addition, the ability to vote in shareholder elections would be great, and the ability to do things like pose questions on SAY. Other platforms offer these abilities.

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Which others offer this?

Freetrade are the best, eToro offer some of this, most fee-to-trade services do, Robinhood (not UK) do it…

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I used to use Freetrade and never got the opportunity to vote. On their community forum I note people still are asking to proxy vote?

eToro surprises me too, considering they can’t figure out the W8-Ben form for dividends.

I’d imagine the fee paying services do, that’s what you pay for.

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Easy Equities, FNB Global Trader, IBKR to name a few

you’re not the shareholder of your shares so this will not happen.

Did not know companies paid to do this, but now it’s been raised I do get a free beer at Brewdog once a year :upside_down_face:

But it’s already happened twice?