Closed account dividends!

Hello there,

In the beginning of 2021 i decided to close all positions in order to open a new account in a different currency. After everything was sold and money withdrawn I opened a new account with same email and information in a different currency.

So the problem lies in the fact that I still had some dividends to be paid. After talking with support I was firstly told I just need to provide them the tickers with dividends to be paid. After providing the information required I got a different answer, telling I had forfeit my right to receive dividends since I had closed my account.

As per my understanding when you own a share past ex-dividend date you gained the right to be paid set dividend, therefore I do not understand Trading 212 position regarding this issue.

I would like to know if any of you had this problem and how it was solved.

Thank you!

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You can send me a personal message with the position IDs associated with the dividends you have not yet received. I will make sure to sort out the rest.