BP-dividend payment s

greeting to you on this more positive of days ! i read BP made a dividend payment on 25th but as yet nothing showing up within my listings? i understand there can be delays. is this perhaps a delay or has there been a change to the planned payments? ;0)

25th was Friday. I guess you can expect it today or tomorrow. I am waiting on dividends from an ETF. 25th also paydate.

If you haven’t received it on Wednesday, I would ask again. :wink:


ok thanks chantal , will check it again tuesday

Im also waiting. i contacted them and they said they have to wait to receive money from BP to distribute to the shareholders, so hoping will get payment tomorrow, still seems a bit strange not to get the dividend on the day it says it gets paid.

Dividends are paid to interactive brokers first, usually a day or so after the pay date I’d say. Then IB have to process it and distribute it. Then when Trading 212 get it they have to distribute it to us. So after all that it usually takes 1-3 working days, but there can be longer delays

Have you received the dividends yet? Im still waiting for mine

I received my BP dividend on 29th September. Are you sure you were holding before the ex date as that’s the only reason I can think of that you wouldn’t have received it?

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