New WEB version of CFD Platform - History


My Web version of CFD platform has been updated. Now if I go to reports and history I see trades history, however I cannot mark the rows and copy them. So there is no way I can copy the data into excel which was possible in the last version. Also I cannot export history (option only available for stocks platform). Are you going to enhance that in the future for CFD platform?


Hey @Grzegorz :wave: ,

We’ll definitely take your feedback under consideration, as we continue scaling the functionalities of the platform! In the meantime, that same data, can also be found in your daily statement.

We appreciate you sharing your experience and remain at your disposal, if you need any further assistance.


Hi @Grzegorz! You should now be able to mark the rows and copy them.


Thank you. Great job

Hi Daniel

I noticed one thing when I copy data to excel - it pastes data vertically, not horizontally. Can this be fixed somehow?