P+L on stock history

I really utilise looking at my individual stocks total P+L, is there an easy way to add this on each stocks history page rather than needing to download a spreadsheet?


I dont know of an easy way. Your current holdings show your unrealised P&L, and the closed positions(realised gains/losses) are in your transaction history.

There are some external apps that can do it - Wallmine, Yahoo stocks, but its a pain in the hoop sometimes to get the data in the format they ask for.

Yeah I should have been clearer in my suggestion! I meant realised P+L, my history is huge for some individual stocks and it would be really cool to be able to see at a glance the P+L rather than getting my calculator out!

Hey :wave:,

Thanks for the feedback, it’s appreciated. Expanding the options to check the Profit/Loss from your trades, including the result for individual instruments, is definately something we’d consider.