CNDX vs QDVE (+ currency question)

Hello, good people!

What are your thoughts between CNDX and QDVE from iShares?
As I see, CNDX has better growth.


Disclaimer: I’m new to investing

And another question: is better to invest to CNDX (dollar) or CNX1 (pence)?
I guess CNX1, because as I’ve invested in CNDX today, the stock went up 0.16% and I’ve lost 0,23 EUR (is it due the conversion from dollar to EUR?).

Thanks for all the tips and help!

One of my favourite questions. The answer is that it makes no difference to your profit whatsoever. The price ratio of these two funds is always equal to the current exchange rate. Put 1000 euros into either, wait and sell. Your euros proceeds and profit will be the same. It is stiking how many people are confused by this.

I was thinking the same, yes … but then - why are there two in the first place? :thinking:

Firstly, because some people do not have access to fee free currency exchange as we do on Trading 212. It might cost 1% to convert from GBP to USD. Secondly, because some people prefer the cosmetic value of watching things in a particular currency. But at the end of the day 0C degrees feels just a cold as 32F.


Thanks for the clarification, @Richard.W! :+1:

CNX1 is one of the only two ETFs I hold in my portfolio.

And I prefer the £p one simply because I spend £ when I walk into the street, and I’d rather have “real gain/loss” in my account that’ll effect me day to day.

Thanks for the feedback, @kali! I like the Nasdaq 100 ETF very much.
Been thinking which ETF to add beside the tech one … MSCI world seems a good spread with good growth.

@Richard.W, can you help me understand this two ETFs? They should be the same or …?


All tracker ETFs have tracking error against their index. This link ranks CNDX as only 2 stars out of 5, mentioning tracking error as a reason. But I don’t think this makes much difference to those who are long term investors.