NASDAQ 100 ETF - many different options #help

Hello, good people!

I’m currently investing in the Nasdaq 100 ETF CNDX (iShares Nasdaq 100), but I’m discovering more and more of the available ETFs that covers the Nasdaq 100 index (iShares, Amundi, Invesco, Lyxor …). As I’m new to investing, could anyone help me choose the “right one” for me or help me understand the main differences. I’m from Slovenia so I use EUR and prefer the Acc distribution.

Thank you so much!

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I use EQQQ (Invesco Nasdaq-100) in a pie.

@chantal, tanks for the answer. As I see, this one is distributing … otherwise what is the main difference from the CNDX? Or asked differently - what made you choose this particular ETF?

Growth. But it is the same for all NASDAQ ETFs I guess.

Looks to me like the ongoing charge for EQQQ is 0.3% whereas for CNDX its 0.33% so a slight fee difference.

Might be worth looking at their websites.

EQQQ is cheaper from what I can tell?

roughly 20k v 50k

Which ETF did you go for? I want an accumulating 1x Nasdaq ETF and an accumulating 3x Nasdaq ETF.

Be careful with the leveraged instruments:
If the instrument/stock drops more than 30 % and you’re invested with the 3x leveraged ETP, you can lose all your investment.

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Yeh cheers, I’m gonna buy a share of each and see what happens as an experiment.