Coming in April

Wait what?! :drooling_face: Will these be added in batches over time or all at once by end of April?


We will add them in batches but it shouldn’t take too long.


just to clarify, how many stocks can we expect to be added in April?


My offer must have got lost in the mail :eyes:


great news, looking forward to the update

I was about to register for a few weeks but as I was just
allowed the registration with the passport for my country and as it did not have.

I’ve been exchanging some messages with @Tony.V he told me they were about to implement a new form of registration much faster and that they were going to support other documents.

I ended up registering today and I can say that it couldn’t have been faster and easier and of course the passport was not necessary I used the citizen card to validate my account.

The next update looks very promising.


To whom I send my CV? :relaxed:

After the iPhone 12, the T212 April package is the most important release of 2020 for me :kissing_heart:


Great work team.
Cant wait!

10,000 more global stocks?! Great!

April is ending… do we have a date? :blush:


This all sounds great! Well done to the team.

Hey, there, I was able to register with my Driver’s License. PT here.


This one right here is fantastic news - can’t thank you enough.

Hi Alex, are there any plans to add a stock scanner at some point??

Thanks and keep up the good work.


Could you please update on adding more stocks.
Thank you

Hey everyone! Is DRIP coming for all countries (including PT) or only for UK ? Thanks!

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Hi, there! I have a suggestion: Could you add more dividend information on the desktop app?


Hey I understand that these must take some time to implement into the app but they were said to be coming in early april on Twitter and April ia already coming to a close. I say this because I downloaded the app and was going to invest but have been holding off as I am waiting for these features because for example as I’m not starting with a large amount of capital, so investing by specific amounts and having a Pie with percentages would be very beneficial to people like me and with me having to wait, I am missing out on some good prices on stocks. Could we get some updates on how close the features are to coming? I know it’s still April and I’m being a little impatient and I could probably buy close enough to the amounts I want but I would really appreciate knowing how close the features are to coming.


I wonder how missing of the pie feature and automation prevents you from investing? :slight_smile:
Surely you can calculate risk cap for each stock and equally set % needed per stock without auto invest.

It is not nuclear science :slight_smile:

Anyway, it will be released when t212 decides its ready for release. No need to rush, quality over speed of delivery/quantity. :slight_smile:


It’s just more easy and intuitive that way for an average begining investor (reason why a lot of people chose M1 Finance over Robinhood), you don’t need to judge him/her or anyone else.

I my self am waiting for this feature to drop to deposit funds into T212… I have other platforms where I actively trade US securities.

P.S. He is right, they did say it’s coming in early April, at least now we are 2 weeks past that, of course people will wonder and be impatient.