Focus on Quality

Over the past 12 months, Trading 212 has grown tremendously. We’ve provided free and easy access to the financial markets to over 1 million people, removing the barriers for even the smallest investors. At the same time, there have been extreme market conditions and dramatic changes in the behaviour of retail investors.

Undergoing such transformative growth with such velocity has not always been smooth. There have been moments where due to extreme market activity, we’ve hit the limits of our systems and those of the service providers on which we depend.

This is not the way we want to serve our customers. We’ve always strived to provide the best investing experience, and we learned a lot over the past year.

That’s why we’ve decided to invest big and focus our resources on dramatically improving the quality of our service.

Our top priority is to ensure a great experience for each of our 1.4M customers.

Here’s what we are doing to improve the core of Trading 212:

  • Platform stability at extreme loads - we’ve already increased our capacity x3. Next target - x10.
  • Fast and holistic customer service - our customer care team is expanding significantly, and the new recruits are going through a comprehensive training program.
  • Faster payment processing - we are working with our partners to automate everything we can.
  • Faster dividend payments through more automation of corporate event handling.
  • Optimisation of many back-office processes that are invisible to the clients but are crucial for the operations to run smoothly.
  • Investments in talent - we’ve hired 75 people in the past two months, and we’ll keep expanding all our teams.

At the same time, we will continue delivering great new platform features. We’ll share more on that in another post.


Thanks for the update, @Tony.V. Now it would be a great time to focus on this thread. :wink: :+1:t3:


This is just great, thanks for the update and for taking care of your customers. Looking forward to experiencing the improvements!

Great to hear! Thanks for the update. If you need more capital I am happy to remortgage and invest in some T212 shares :wink:


Excellent, cant wait for these improvements and new features.
Also when are you lifting the buy restrictions so I can free my money and invest in other stocks. Thank you T212


Great to hear!!!

Hoping that in the future ww also get access to other Markets as you grow!!!


That’s positive - I hope that the platform improvements will be noticeable.

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Thanks for the news. Looking forward to seeing it play out. Also grateful for being kept informed.

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That’s amazing news and a great update. As a customer you have my full support. I look forward to what the future holds.

I would love to see other markets added in time such as Japanese markets and please, if possible remove the £1 limit for companies such as Lloyds. I used to spend my spare change on them and over time that adds up.


Great update Tony. It’s positive for the business to acknowledge it’s short comings and at least we all now know that behind the scenes improvements, investment and changes are being made.

I think this will also go a long way with the recent comments YouTubers are making within their content, that have been rather negative as of late. I hope a few pick up on this post as a positive update from T212.

Thanks for taking the time to update us all.

This is great to hear. Thanks for the update.

Thank you 212 team for actually issuing this statement.

Glad to see that quality improvements are coming and listing them. Looking forward to a better future.

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If you just could give us an update like this every one or two weeks, the customer base would be so much happier.


Hi Tony. Your information is out of date. At the moment you’re in the process of introducing various fees (deposit fee, FX fee). Can you update your post please?


the access is free as Tony said, nothing needs correcting in the post.


go and get T212 on London stock exchange!

No, T212 should merge with a SPAC. Boom!

:raised_hands: This is music to my ears, I hope Trading 212 can meet the expectations people have