Amazing start of 2020

500%. That’s the growth of new monthly client funds in Invest and ISA accounts in January.

Thank you for your trust in Trading 212!


Congratulations. Customer service through chat is very impressive. Lodging a W-8BEN was a breeze. I keep coming back to see how app is improving and what new investment vehicles are being added. The community forum is fun and helpful. With other platforms I have felt hesitant to deal because it means a £0.5-£8 fee every time, so it is hard to justify a purchase of value of £200. Using fractional shares I have made more deals on T212 in two weeks than on the other platforms in a year. It is nice to be able to build up positions slowly with deals of small value.

T212 is now my favorite dealing platform and where I am putting all my new equity savings. It is as convenient to use as an online bank account. I particularly like the ability to invest in US companies and ETFs whose currency is USD or EUR without having to worry about an fx charge for converting to and from GBP.