Common format for history export file (CSV)

I love and rely on your history exports to feed my accounts and reporting in Google Sheets.

It would be much simpler to automate the import and analysis of these history export downloads if you would adopt a common (18 column) CSV format to log Orders, Dividends and Transactions.

For example, (reporting in EUR) the 18 column headers would be:
Action, Time, ISIN, Ticker, Name, No. of shares, Price / share, Currency (Price / share), Exchange rate, Result (EUR), Total (EUR), Withholding tax, Currency (Withholding tax), Charge amount (EUR), Stamp duty reserve tax (EUR), Notes, ID, Currency conversion fee (EUR)

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Appreciate the suggestion, @steve1943 - I’ve passed it along for consideration and will update the thread once I have more info :pray:

Agreed, sometimes if you export recent transactions that don’t have certain fields inputted, such as you purchased a US stock where Stamp Duty is non applicable the column wont be in your export, and when copy/pasting or importing the data in to your own spreadhseets this can place data in the wrong columns depending on how you process this.

Personally I just export 12 months every time now to alleviate this, as I will normally always have utilised all fields in a 12month periods.

An API to our data would be much more preferable though.