Communication needs to improve. We need a Forum Announcement Category


TL;DR: I strongly recommend that @Team212 add a new category to the forum: “Announcements” to keep users informed.

The issue

During the past 6 months or so there have been different big market movements. As such T212 has had to make decisions in order to comply with regulations and help keep the company afloat. Some of these decisions have been met with anger and people have been disappointed, for various reasons.

Reading most of the comments I see that the anger is not coming from the fact that you have made the decisions in question but the lack of communication and transparency. (This has improved lately with the extra notifications we receive via the app => a feature that has come as a request here on the forum)

One possible solution

I therefore would like to recommend that the @Team212 set up a new category here on the forum: “Announcements” this would be restricted from comments and only official @Team212 members should post there in order to make sure this community is well informed. It can be as simple as setting up a bot :robot: to publish your blog/docs posts here as well :thinking:

Why am I recommending this?

Because most of us so called retail investors are angry that we are still treated like children. Companies in the investment industry make decision and that communicate those decisions using language such as “there are problems … we are working on fixing them… don’t worry … hey you cannot trade half of the market … please come back later”.

What we are asking is to be treated like the big boys and girls we are and be told the truth as it is: “the market is volatile and the someone in the trade cycle chain (ex: clearing house - basically the accountant of the market) has update its terms and asking for more :moneybag: as collateral. As this is short notice we cannot accommodate this. As such we have made this decision that comply with the underlying regulations.”

Personal view: I believe most of the issues from the past months have been an issue of liquidity and collateral. When we click buy the transfer is not instant. A full trade cycle can take 2-3 day. Even a week for a volatile market when a lot of trading (with billions of trades per hour) is happening on a daily basis.

Diagram of the trade cycle


Maybe I am wrong. In a democratic way, via vote, I would be curious to see if other believes this would help improve and address the problem highlighted above

  • Yes (this feature might help and it is worth exploring at least as a trial/beta)
  • No (this is a stupid request that would only add more work to the team with no real result)

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I might be wrong. I have only posted this as I am trying to better myself and learn as I go.


Hello @Tony.V what do you think? Would this be something you can add to the forum as a beta/trial to see if it help keep people informed and less angry?

I think it’s a great idea.

I would worry that some users might just still vent prior to reading, but at least 212 would be coming from a clean position