Hlonipha ulimi esilukhethayo!

@Bogi.H Uma lo mbhalo ukucasula, sicela singaba nokuthunyelwe kwezinye izilimi okuhunyushelwe ngokuzenzakalela ku-English kubantu abakhethe lona njengolimi abaluthandayo, uma kungenjalo singakubonisi kubafundi besiNgisi?

:smile: :pray:

That’s a good idea :pray: We’ll check if it could happen.

@Bogi.H @IntInv @RLX
Not sure why is this a problem (use of a laguange other than english) but would like to understand!
This is a specific section/group/topic create in the T211 community. The name of the group/topic is easy to understand what it is about.
You dont need to select it or you can cancel notificactions about it, if you dont want to follow it.
My understanding is that T212 is an international trading/investment platform so you should expect to have investor from multiple origens.
@Bogi.H I kindly ask you to please clarify

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@Caricp, we don’t restrict conversations, and the cited Portuguese thread is a good example of this. It’s perfectly fine to have discussions in languages different than English.

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…as long as others who do not read the language can understand and participate in the discussion; else such exclusivity destroys the concept of a “community”.

There is no need to select it or follow it; it appears in the daily list of new comments. And I don’t mind, rather, I am interested to know what topic brings so many people to the party.

And as a member of the “community” I am sure a lot of people want to participate in the discussion if it is of their interest - as long as they understand, or have the means to understand what is written.

The understanding is correct, which is why it is essential that the communication remains inclusive. There are 7129 officially recognised languages in this world and almost 1020 can be represented digitally. Guess what will happen to the community if each investor starts writing in his or her language without a means for others to read and understand what is written :smiley:

Adding my 2cents.

I don’t why this is an issue, the mentioned topic was created in Jan 19, 2023 6:59 PM, isn’t the only one in a non-english language. And it wasn’t the first one. Just in top on my mind, there are other local languages topics. For example:

Created in Nov 9, 2020 9:11 AM:

Maybe this is weird for english speaking people not used to other languages. Or just to people that joined a couple months ago, and don’t know the community.

The mentioned topic is aimed for Portuguese-speaking people, hundreds of millions across the globe [Note 1], specially those in Portugal or with links to Portugal, including those interested in investing in Portuguese markets.

Resuming, the goals were to dinamize the Portuguese community and Portuguese stock exchange, that was launched a couple weeks before the mentioned topic was created:

Btw, the mentioned topic had several interactions with the great T212 team members, although they maybe don’t understand Portuguese, they were able to monitoring it and intervene if they want to. :wink:

Last, but not the least, most web browsers (PC/MAC/mobile) had built-in options to translate the web pages.

PS: Btw, there are lots of topics specific for UK customers, that most non-UK customers don’t care about, and you don’t see anyone complaining. The topics can be selected or ignored by anyone.

[Note 1]
Source: Portuguese language - Wikipedia

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google translate is your friend

I don’t see why any post should be in English and I don’t see any reason to assume any community should consider English to be a requirement especially when its about international subjects (commodities, investments, news…) and relates to an international product (T212). A community should accept anybody and any post whatever the language and whether or not the poster speaks English or not

That said, a low priority for T212 to consider would be a translate feature like many sites have now that allows people to automatically get a post translated on the webpage where its located


Thanks for pinging me, @RLX .

I’ve created the local thread mainly because there are local specific questions that cannot be discussed in a general/international thread, such as tax reports. :+1:t3:


The discussion point is not about non-English language posts, it is about transparency on the topic across the community. If a non-English speaking member wants to build an awareness of what is happening across the discussion groups, this should not be an issue.

Thanks for summarising :pray:, now I understand the reason why there are so many messages on the topic :smiley:

T212 employees are expected to have the means and tools to monitor (and intervene if necessary) to comply to their organisation’s Threat Assessment process. As a user I want to read the messages as part of the community, there is a huge difference in the two.

You will be surprised how much investors are interested in the world news but especially about topics that get discussed within the investor communities.

Thanks for taking time to respond @RLX :pray:

@Bogi.H T212 should ensure that this community does not promote exclusive discussions and any and every member of the community reads, understands, and participate in the various discussions happening across different topics. Languages are not a problem as long as the intelligence within them are sharable across all members. Doing so is not the prerogative of the users but the community managers by providing basic tools to translate information in preferred dialect.

Most responsible community and review sites these days offer to translate all posts into popular languages, including English!

Not when it comes to nearly 200 posts in a language I cannot read or understand :grin: :smiley: :pray:

Does not have to be in English. In fact as @Bogi.H said, posts in different languages should be promoted; local dialects provide richer ways of expressions on local issues. But if these are in a community, every member should be in a position to understand the topic of discussion.

I beg to disagree here :pray: There are larger and far more lucrative markets that dont exist on the platform. There are language barriers - Japanese / Indian / Russian to name a few. If T212 decides to release the Japanese or the Indian market shares to its users, while the basic info will exist in English, members of this community will struggle to get a handle of what is being communicated locally.

Exactly the reason why I have been flagging this topic to @Bogi.H . I am not asking for keeping things in one language , where ever it may be on the popularity scale. I am suggesting having a tool to decipher the intelligence in these posts for the benefit of every member in the community. :+1:

:smiley: why wouldn’t anyone want to know what is happening within the Portuguese tax system?

@Bogi.H if there are exclusive [aka secretive] discussion items within an investing community that apparently only specific language speaking members / regional members should know about, T212 should allow locked groups / subscribed groups for such specific discussions, so people like I who is not a subscriber cannot see these discussion items - problem solved :yum:

Sorry for my English. But i know that it is nice if you can read all the post. But i think you need to create the possibility that every one can write in his own language en that you can translate it to your language inside the forum. (Like at eToro) Because not al the countries do learn people other languages. I Living in the Netherlands and in generley we lern English as an important language sometimes they think it is more important than our own language.(not everyone thinks so but the education system is)

But other countries like France and Spain think there own language is the most important.

An that cant you fix ti say on a public Forum everyone needs to speak English. But when messages automatic can be translated. You have the cultural problem mit.


sometimes, all it takes is some common sense.


There’s nothing secret, what are you talking about - use Google Translate, if you’re paranoid :roll_eyes: .

Some terms are just not easy translatable into English. There’s no conspiracy in every corner like the internet wants you to believe …


Exactly !
Why is it that we can only be inclusive if we speak English?
No one in the portuguese community addressed the other groups/topics in the community in an another language than english. If it would be the case he could complain and i would even understand.
If wants to know about the group discussions he can use a translation tool or go back to school and learn another language that not english (or zulu).

This type of post are a perfect exemple of the stereotype of british arrogance. Everyone needs to speak English. This should avoided and monitored by t212

I have to work and live with 4 different languages on a daily basis. so i cant understand or accept this “exclusion” type of arguments that were used.
I also do not accept trolls in what concerns the use on my own language.
If i want to make myself understood I go the extra mile, if you are interested in understanding me YOU need to go the extra mile.
@Bogi.H i would invite T212 to set the record straight once and for all on this topic.
After all you even made the necessary investements to have multiple languanges available in your investment app.


I dont think you need to justify the creation of the group. From my side i say thank you for doing so. It is very usefull in particular for those that are less experienced in the use of english.


Justo. Deixe-me explicar o que escrevi acima em inglês - agora em português, para que você finalmente entenda.

Não me preocupo em ter postagens que não sejam em inglês; na verdade, é ótimo que as pessoas possam expressar questões em seus próprios idiomas, inclusive eu.

Meu pedido do T212 é fornecer um recurso para aqueles que não leem ou entendem o idioma em que uma postagem está escrita.

Com base no que foi dito acima, onde surge a típica inclinação continental sobre um estereótipo inglês, não entendo. :pinched_fingers:

Espero que depois de ler isto em seu idioma compreensível, você reconheça por que as postagens exigem traduções para o seu próprio idioma!

@Bogi.H The above chain of messages, and the misinterpretations emerging out of not understanding another language clearly justifies the ask of an inbuild auto translator :slightly_smiling_face:

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