Features Roadmap 2021

Hi @David,

I appreciate all the new features and stock exchanges you gave added to the platform this year.

But I was wondering if you have a roadmap/timelines of any new features/ new stock exchanges for 2021?

Is there anything you can share with us?



That would be great. I would personally find it interesting to know what to expect from the platform in the future and by when we can expect new features.

The latest bigger feature release was the AutoInvest and the Pies around June. No doubt this is big for many people, but for me, who does not use that, I feel like there has not been any significant and useful upgrade for quite a long time now.

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I agree, it would be nice to have a update on some point :smiley:.
Even if it is just some very rough targets and timelines.

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I would say if one want to check list of possible features, to check poll in the thread.

This might be summery of feature pipe for 2021 and beyond.

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Hopefully :smiley:
Lets see if the team can provide a update on what are the priorities for 2021, although I understand that it might not be possible to provide a specific timeframe.


I hope that all planned 2020 features are delivered in 2021 :pray:


the survey is useless. they ignore the top request and don’t bother replying in the thread that is dedicated to the most requested feature.

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Honestly I agree with feroache.

Don’t get me wrong, I do like the platform but I feel like they prioritise rather trivial features over more essential ones.

For instance, an in-specie portfolio transfer from or to another broker is a significant feature any broker should have. Instead, we get social for pies.

This is nice and all, although I do not use it, but how is it prioritised over other features such as many of those listed in said survey which are much more important?

Besides, the lack of communication from the team does not help. Regarding in-specie transfer, we had a message from the team in August saying this should be implemented by the end of the year, with beta testing beforehand. When in early December there was no update, some users enquired and we got a message saying it was reported to Q1 2021, and more recently that actually no ETA could be provided.

Of course, I can’t tell how it is going behind the scene. But having an overview on what is currently being worked on with an ETA would give users a sense of what to look forward to.


You can already transfer in. Transfer out I see as low priority for sure. I’d rather them work on more reasons to stay

Hey @Moul. Just wanted to drop in and mention that Social was not prioritised over anything, it was worked on by a separate team, alongside, not at the cost of, other features.



Sure. However, forcing people to liquidate their positions should they wish to switch is definitely not a good thing.

I am sure I am not the only one not wanting my money to be held hostage in a broker.

I have been waiting to transfer out part of my positions for months but I also do not want to liquidate them first. If it is indeed a low-priority feature, that is just shameful.

Thanks for the input, Wit. My main point however was that I feel like I have not seen any major feature added in since the pies and their related updates.

As to in-specie transfers specifically, I believe this is an essential feature that should have been implemented long ago. T212 has been around for a while now and I doubt this would take this long to have such a feature working.


Shame is a matter of perspective. Again I don’t see why they should put time in to help you go to an inferior broker. I’d much rather have traditional index funds, multi-currency accounts or a SIPP. HL still charging 0.45%, iWeb not updating their website in 10 years or freetrade moving previously free shares behind a pay wall can also be seen as shameful


I hear you, though as I see it, your position on the matter is based on the assumption that any broker one would wish to transfer to is an inferior broker compared to T212.

Not only is it incorrect, but most importantly people have many reasons to switch from a broker to another (centralization, ease of use, convenience in terms of taxes for instances, fees, available products etc.). Sure, T212 has many qualities but it is no longer fitted for what I intend to do with the positions I want to transfer out.

Most if not all major brokers have the option for in-specie transfer. I did not care much about it when I started using T212. I figured that by the time I would need that option, this would be implemented. Now, more than a year and a half later, I need it and we still have no idea by when we can expect it.

Coming back to the roadmap idea of OP, this would be great to know that this is something that is currently being worked on and what the ETA is. Instead of blindly waiting for something that may never come.

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I totally agree with you. It is not something I am planning on doing tomorrow but having the option gives peace of mind.

I think T212 is quite superior to most of its competition.

However there could be instances where transfers in-out are very useful. Say you start a portfolio with T212 and some law changes in the future (or perhaps you relocate to the US) which means T212 can not have you as customer. One could transfer out to a supported broker without selling.


Well, instead of bickering here, find the original request topic, upvote it, support it.

That is the only option you have. :slight_smile:

Even tho it was said te be on road map:

But this year if full of peculiar events. So who knows.

It would be great to see a list of features / functionality that are currently being worked on, even if they don’t contain any timelines against them for delivery. It’s difficult enough maintaining internal deadlines, much less external deadlines.

Nice as it might be, I wonder if this is realistic. Trading 212 operate in a competitive market of brokers. Why tell your competitors what new features and products you are planning? Do other firms do that? Could I expect Tim Cook to publish a list of things Apple is working on?

Having said that, engagement with users, is itself a product feature that Trading 212 probably want to nourish - within reason.


I completely get it and in a competitive space, secrecy is your best weapon against your competitors.

However, the fact that these sorts of threads exist in the numbers with engagement from T212 suggests that they choose to be transparent (to a degree) with their users as to what they’re working on.

Either way, I’ll sit back and patiently wait for what comes next!

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I am not in the consumer software business, however Enterprise software requires vendor to provide long term plan/roadmap in order for business to be aligned on where the product is going.

Business would ditch product management who doesn’t provide clarity and future vision.

So from this perspective, us as investors.

We want to be aware of product future and where it is going towards. I for one would like T212 to have more proactive approach in community feedback/communication. Keep us in loop, what is next, what is ahead, what is priority what not…


@Richard.W plenty of public roadmaps out there, are you paid staff or volunteer?