Company moving from AIM to Official List. What now?

Sorry if this is a very stupid question. But I have shares in a company on LSE AIM which has just applied to move to the Official List. What happens with my shares when they move?
Many thanks.

You won’t notice any difference regarding your shares. Everything will work in the same way as it does now.

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Hi, this sounds like Tils.

Thank you so much. Still very much a newbie. I guess there are a lot of us taking the plunge with the downturn due to Covid.

It is :slight_smile:

Looking at previous responses I’m not sure that Trading 212 will reflect the demerger StemprintER shares.

If occurs, we’ll reflect StemprintER’s demerger in the same way we deal with all the passed spin-offs. Instead of shares, we distribute the cash equivalent.

Thanks for the response

Would Trading212 be prepared to list Stemprinter if there was enough demand? Thanks.