Demergers - GSK

Hello. Apologies if this has been covered recently but I couldn’t find it on the forum.

With the GSK demerger on the horizon there will be a lot of people wondering what is going to happen to their stock. I found an old thread from October 2020 that stated in the event of a demerger, Trading212 would automatically sell the shares of the new company and credit them to our account. The explanation then went on to say that there would be a “total overhaul of the existing process in the following months”

Does anyone know if T212 have changed this process yet? If not could someone from T212 clarify when these changes are going to be made and what they will be?


I’d like to know about this as well!

In the same thread @Tommo mentioned, trading212 also said…

So hope they will be ready by the time of GSK demerger.