Stock not found


I have been searching for a specific stock to buy and/or open a cfd order on. It’s not found when I search for it.

If T212 doesn’t have it listed as yet, can they add it so that I can buy some shares?

Thank you

There is an update coming for the platform. After that update they will add new stocks per request again.

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As @chantal have said there is an update coming that should make them add a stock in the same day. But at this point, it may take up to a month or more. They’re currently in the process of switching data feed providers & building up the new infrastructure.

Thank you @chantal and @ovidiuovidiuovidiu. The stock is for a company called CytoDyn Inc - CYDY. I would like to purchase it a lot sooner rather than later. Like in the next few days. Any other suggestions? I don’t want to go to another platform.

I don’t expect any stock to be added until the provider is switched. The process to add new stockd seems to be frozen at present.

Timeline for switching of provider was April.

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