Complaints resending

On the night of Sunday 22.03.2020, I had a wipe off of around £20k gains (previously £24k then down to £4k in the span of 1-2 minutes). I received an email for a margin call at 22.02 hours (no phone / app notification came through). Having received the email notification on my phone, I tried to make several payments to cover any shortage but the payment either kept stating as failed or requested further information for your systems. Within a matter of a maximum of 2 minutes the gains disappeared. I was in despair and got in touch with your app contact section and no one has reverted to me still and it is more than 2 days now which is a long time for a substantial issue like this. I have gone through all of the emails again now from that night and note that the margin call was initiated at 22.02 with the shortage being stated as £6k and the balance monies were sufficient to cover the shortage and more than sufficient to cover the shortage after further monies I was attempting to put in vigorously that showed up on your system as being credited much later than when they were debited from the bank accounts. I have contacted the banks about it and they have confirmed that so long as the payments went through their system, they were gone and how long it took for your system to credit those is not their fault. Whilst going through the report of positions again now, I note that you closed 15 of my positions at 22.04 hours (2 minutes after margin call!) and you closed all 15 of my positions in an instant at that very moment causing me lost gains of £20k, as opposed to a shortage of only £6k and the margin call (with no further margin calls received thereafter, for the sake of clarity) for which having been sent to me only 2 minutes before the rigorous and disproportionate closure of extensive positions by you. I have previously been in touch with your customer service representatives on another query and they have sent an email to me which made no sense asking me to use your Invest account rather than the CFD account, and which now makes sense as that might be given my high gains which presumably you didn’t like the sight of at the time. For a FCA regulated system and organisation, there are quite a few heavy red flags in this message and I would like a complete resolution (with satisfactory resolution of course being reinstatement of my gains in their entirety!) at the earliest along with details of your internal as well as external complaints procedure.
I look forward to hearing from you urgently.

I have reposted a complaint that I raised over 3 weeks ago, which I sent over by email as well as posting on your community forum within the help section. I note that the post was taken off from your community forum within the help section without any explanation to me. Also that I received a standard response from your service email address stating and referring me to your frequently asked questions and that I have not received any further response whatsoever. For a FCA regulated organisation, this is a serious matter in itself that you have completely ignored the complaint as serious as this as well as taken off the post that I had put on your community forum without any explanation and utterly blanked me. I am again emailing your service and info email addresses drawing their attention to this post of mine for your earliest action and I would like a satisfactory resolution to this as soon as possible. Also I have received without any explanation a certain amount as PayPal refunds which I welcome but do not accept as a satisfactory resolution of this matter and look forward to hearing from you urgently.

@Guins007 I took an in-depth look at your case & can confirm that everything worked as intended. Your claims lack substance.

Perhaps you should know how the account margin is calculated:

  1. Over 50% -> [Total funds / (Total Funds + Blocked funds)] x 100%
  2. Under 50% -> (Total funds / Blocked funds) x 50%
    Having a shortage of 6K doesn’t mean that you need to have an account total of more than 6K to avoid a stop-out.
    If you have 10K & all of it is invested, your margin is already at 50%, even if you haven’t lost a penny.
    If you lose 5K of those, you’ll be immediately stopped-out, even if you have another 5K left. That’s not some shady broker gameplay, it’s EU regulation meant to protect you from getting into debt & owing money.

Payment processing:

We have no control over this. Payment processing firms like Adyen, PayPal, etc… are responsible for processing transactions, I don’t quite understand how we’re at fault here.

If you think any of this is wrong, you’re more than welcome to raise a complaint with the FCA & FOS.
As a client of Trading 212, you have the right to escalate your inquiry following the procedure here .

Also, I wasn’t able to find a recent email regarding this specific case. The only email which I found from you is from the 20th of March, where you’re asking us in general about how the result is calculated since you have deposited and the result is still negative. We provided the requested information and no further inquiry was sent by you.
If you’ve sent your complaint directly to our compliance team, then take into account that the time frame to review and attend such inquiries is up to 8 weeks as explained here.