Deposits not showing in cfd

Anyone having issues with deposits today? Transferred funds from my usual bank account, the money has left my bank but not showing in my cfd account usually when deposits are made they show instantly

Yes, I am having the same issue, they told me not to worry and they are working on it. They said it may take a little longer than usual

My issue is if my trade gets closed due to a margin call and I have deposited enough funds to cover this over 1hour ago will they refund my loss due to the fact my money has left my bank account and down to a fault on their platform

I cannot find your account and to tell for the exact reasons, but in general there are 2 options:

  • the payment was failed (reasons such us declined transaction, incorrect card number, etc.)
  • in the last couple of days, one of our payment providers is experiencing a delay with the processing on their side. It’s not something that we can control, nor we can be liable for it, I’m afraid.

I’d recommend reaching our team for further details. Also, if the margin level is dropping, please consider using any of the other available methods (if convenient).