Confirmation of Holdings

Dear Trading212 community members,

Due to the fact, that there isn’t any dividend calendar or tracker implemented in the app I need to constantly update my third-party apps with my holdings. I have almost 40 investments and it takes some manual work to switch between apps to manually type quantities, ticker names and average prices. My request is to include a .cvs download on the ‘Confirmation of Holdings’ document that would also include ticker name and average price. Currently, the document comes out only with the company name and the recorded price as of the day of closing, which I find to be not very useful. This whole change, would also save time on users, not having to play around with data crunching on their transactions from the ‘Export History’ and at least provide them with an instant opportunity to track their investments in an external provider, at least before dividend tracker is implemented into Trading212.


Interesting idea. I’ll run it past the team to consider as part of future updates.

I’ll let you know how it goes :handshake:


@emilcify @B.E I wish me the same feature!!

Trying to bump the topic for awareness

I can’t share any updates about the above suggestions. I’ll let you know if there’s any news, though.