Trading212 Dividend Tracker

Hello there,

Right before the year ends, I wanted to share a web application. T212Tracker (T212 Tracker | T212 Community Dividend Tracker) is a free platform for all, Trading 212 users. I have been working on this application for a while now and wanted to share it with the community.

All I wanted to do was track my upcoming dividends and know how much I would get paid each month. I have tried other applications, but generally, I had to format my exported file. Some platforms did not have European or UK markets.

Yahoo Finance was one of my favourites; nonetheless, uploading my portfolio after a while became cumbersome. In case you might be wondering, Yahoo has a limit on transactions. It does not adequately warn users, but the import does not complete. I have an essential tool to summarise the portfolio, so I was uploading a summary :slight_smile:

After all these struggles, I now use T212 Tracker, the tool for us. We are 97 users at the moment, tracking our dividends.

I invite you to try it and share your positive or negative thoughts. Unfortunately, our investing platform does not have a public API yet, so the development process involved a lot of trial and error. While it may not be flawless, I have been working to address any problems as they arise with generous feedback from the users.

For now, you should upload your CSV file exported from Trading212. There are other options to keep your portfolio up to date, but importing is the most stable way. With a fellow investor’s help, we are working on a Chrome extension. That will need lots of testing as well before I share it here.

You can also try the Shared portfolio feature :slight_smile: This was something I always wanted to have for us on Trading212.

I hope you might find the tool helpful for your dividend tracking. I wish you all a happy new year with lots of dividend income.


Hey :wave: this looks fun.

I actually spotted it a week or so ago and wanted to test it, but everytime I click on the email verification it fails and I get an invalid signature / 403 message and can’t continue.

Tested it a couple of times in our community too and none of us can get it to work for the same reason.


The email service provider added a parameter to the link to verify. Added a fix, so we disregard that parameter.


All good - we’re in! Thanks for sorting. I’ll have a play!


Hi. I’ve registered to try this and looks pretty good, the upload was fast. I may have done something wrong, however as my dividend paying holdings show correct dividend payments for the past, however future ones (i.e. next month and onwards) are all doubled up - each holding shows twice. I’ll have a play about with it, however pretty cool so far, thanks :sunglasses::+1:

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Looks nice. Imported 3 CSV files with 3 years of transactions. Transactions tab shows only 7 pages of 5 transactions. Something isn’t right.

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Hello @chantal,

I quickly checked, and it seems like one of the files you tried had duplicate column names. I could not check this, but all I can share is the file name you tried to upload.
Would you check and try this one, please?

If you check this page, T212 Community Dividend Tracker, it will show you the imported file names and the rows it managed to import.
In case you want a fresh start, you can do this on T212 Community Dividend Tracker page as well.

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Thanks. I will try to reset account and import again

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Are all the tabs / sections meant to work? As most are empty for me.

Portfolio Summary shows a message “Nothing here yet, upload your exported files” Which I have already done.

Diversification - Empty.
Dividend Calendar - Empty.
Opportunities - Empty.

Also, many of the stats on the dashboard are also empty.

Of those who have successfully upload anything… what was the header structure of the csv? I can’t get anything to import… I’m in the UK…maybe my output file structure is different? What headers were successfully imported? Anyone can help?

You do not need special formatting. We have spotted a weird thing going on with the exported files today :slight_smile: Ticker names had dots. Fixed and ran some tests on it. Once tests pass the new version will be on line in approx. 30mins.


One question: do you import everything from T212 or just the orders? And what happens with stock splits and corporate events? Like spinoffs and getting free shares. Those aren’t transactions in the CSV export file.

Hello @chantal,

You would upload everything. Also, you have a great point there! The tracker has a flow in place; once you upload a file, it checks for the symbols you have and re-calculates the new shares and prices to reflect the amount.

Let me show you an example on my end;

The example above is for my export where NVDA was not reflecting the splits. Therefore, I programmed the tracker to find the purchases before the date and update it. Spot on! All worked great.

Then yesterday, a user reached out asking about a difference with a sale. And I sometimes suspect the value would be fixed for some of us :frowning:

I would love it if you could check one of your files and let me know if the export reflects the split. I am as knowledgeable as I can see about my exports (or when you shared a demo file with me)

Also, @chantal, there have been a few more updates, and I believe your files will work fine now. Please make sure you do not change the CSV :slight_smile: After looking carefully, I found one of your imports was missing headers somehow :frowning:

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A very nice tool ! i have been trying so many tools but no one was good for me.
I’m starting to use it today.
Portfolio summary / diversification / opportunities are empty for now ?
Where the data comes from ? trading 212 or yahoo finance ?
I imported a file with all my transactions but the value is wrong. i have sold many stocks but they still appear in my dashboard and the dividend calendar.
Do you handle ETFs ?
I have some ETFs but they don’t appear in my account.

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Hello @beckam077

Thank you so much for trying the tracker.

When you said, where the data comes from, do you mean the ticker data?
If so, T212 Tracker uses multiple sources to cover almost all markets. This, however, poses some issues which I am still working on. Later today, I’ll publish a new screen where you can see your instruments on your account and if they have any issues.

I try to find and fix some instrument data manually. I will make this a bit more flawless sooner. Managing data on multiple sources sometimes is a bit painful. As a ticker does not always have a unique ISIN or a symbol :slight_smile:

If you meant the imported data, it is just the export file from Trading212.

I’ll keep you posted on the empty screen in a minute.

Hello Mr. Minasm, Sir,

I must say, you did a great job in this. My compliments…

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Thank you for your kind words @PaxUrsus
That compliment goes to our community, to be frank. I am just a developer who put in some effort. Won’t name everyone, but you can see some of them here on this post already :slight_smile:

It is a joint effort to make this a helpful tool. Therefore, if you have any issues or suggestions, please do not hesitate to voice them.

Happy investing :money_with_wings:

Edit2: just noticed that it treats GBX as GBP, could you please look into that?
Edit: nevermind, just loaded :smiley:

Is it perhaps down ATM?

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You caught me @vanderpool :slight_smile: You just loaded while I’ve published a fix.
It seems like a calculation issue on GBX tickers :frowning: A fix is on its way!

Hope you enjoy the loaded scene than this blank one:)


Definitely! Going to be very helpful with the GBX fix and some div yield updates! Submited a bug report already :slight_smile:

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