Confusing allocation profit and loss due to colours


When looking at the allocation details within the portfolio view, hovering the mouse over each stock segment in the donut chart shows the market value and profit/loss for that position.

The problem with this view is that the profit/loss figure is shown in the colour allocated to the stock in the donut chart. This makes it much harder to tell whether a position is up or down.

For example, I had a stock where the segment color happened to be red and although the position was up 20%, it looked like it was down 20% due to the profit/loss text also being red.

I’d suggest that this view should be consistent with how profit/loss figures are shown everywhere else in the app.


Every pie has its own colour, corresponding to the same number’s colour written on the right side and inside the pie.

When it comes to profit or loss, you can quickly narrow your mouse on the colour and pay attention to the sign in front of the number written inside.

As per the screenshot below, Frequency Therapeutics is yellow but has (-) in front of the amount in the circle, therefore the position is on loss.

Also, you can tap on the asset’s name on the side, and a pop-up window will appear where you can easily see if it’s red or green.

Hi Hris – thanks for replying. I appreciate that each segment is a different colour and that the view is applying that colour to the position. I think that is a poor user experience for a few reasons:

  • The app is choosing to show the position’s profit/loss in a way that is different to everywhere else that I can see in the app.

  • The minus sign is small and can be difficult to see when browsing. T212 is unnecessarily breaking the convention of “don’t make me think”.

  • When the segment colour is green or red, the profit/loss position is especially confusing when by chance the position is in the opposite profit/loss to that shown by the colour.



Thanks for taking the time to write such detailed feedback.

We always aim to make the user experience memorable on both the app and the desktop platform hence we spent a significant amount of time going through every single suggestion and implementing it, if possible.

In case you have other interesting ideas, we would love to hear them.

Following on from this Hris, I wonder if the Portfolio view would be improved by showing the allocation details by default when you first come into the view. Currently, it just shows the details for the first stock in the list, which is somewhat arbitrary, especially as the list is sorted alphabetically.

It would be another improvement to be able to sort the list of investments by name, result or result %, as we can in the open positions view on the home Advanced view.