Improve the “allocation” graph

At the moment, you show my Allocations like this:

This is actually quite pointless because when I click on the one of the stock names at the top, all it does is bring the associated slice of the “half pie chart” out, so I can see how much of that of a slice, is taking up the pie (what would have been more helpful would be to have had the % of how much that stock is taking up in my portfolio - you don’t state a %, or the value of the slice - what’s the point of it just showing the total value of my investment, that’s shown to me at the top of that page already).

Instead, could you change up the way that you present that information - ie. by “sector”. Against each of the stocks, can you categorise them “sector” and then show the % of allocation for each sector of my portfolio.

Something like this would add more value to what you currently have:

This way all users can see how well they’re doing in allocation (and in diversification) of their stocks.

This would be a great starting point, to improving what you have - and it’d also act as an aide to which sector we should probably be looking to invest in next, to give us equal diversification in our stocks.


I really hope we could see this feature sometime build in the app/web system. It would be really helpful! I currently have to copy every buy/sell i do on an excel spreadsheet which is really time consuming. Any news on if they actually have plans/ are considering to make this happen?

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If you press the allocation part of that page it brings up a breakdown of your portfolio showing your total investment/number of investments and a list underneath it of the % of your money each investment represents.

But agree, % by sector would be very useful so you can check/balance your diversification more easily

To add, a low hanging fruit for T212 would be to add an allocation chart that reads across ISA and GIA, but that seems to be too much to ask.

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