Graphic circle of allocations and percentages

Hi, what a fantastic app!
Can anyone tell me what the two percentages are when I click on the allocation details? In my example rolls Royce says 21.9% when highlighted in the lager ringed graphic, yet the % next to it says 4.96 %. Is one the overall percentage since the initial purchase and the other the current purchase? thank you

One should be the percentage that you set for the pie and the other the real percentage of shares bought

Thanks Pasquale, but this is not a screenshot of my pie. It’s those I have in my investments.
Any ideas?

The list on the right shows how much of your portfolio is made up by that holding. so almost a quarter of your portfolio is Amazon, and 15% is SMT, with your smallest position being 3.8% of iShares UK Property.

The value you see on the left when hovering or clicking on a slice of the donut is the Profit/Loss value of that holding.

so from the screenshot we can tell that while Rolls-Royce Holdings makes up 4.96% of your portfolio at £260.40, the donut is telling us that you have a profit of 21.91% for that position. so you are £46.80 in the green for RR.

Thank you Dao, much appreciated.