Take profit and stop loss

I have been using “trading 212” for a month. For the moment I use the virtual section. I noticed that take profits and stop loss are present only in the CFD section.
I wanted to ask if they will also be implemented in the invest section, or if they are not present.

welcome to the community. the Invest section has limit, stop and stop limit orders while the CFD section has the TP and SL.

other order types will likely be added, but I doubt you will see “TP” and “SL” as those are very much trading orders and are largely covered by the current orders available.


It’s a Bracket Order. OCO Order would work too I think. In addition to the actual buy order, it contains a Limit Sell Order for taking profits as well as a Stop Sell Order as stop loss at the same time.

Risk management wise it’s really not optimal at the moment. I have to decide if I want a stop loss OR a take profit. In volatile market situations it’s also risky to fumble in a stop sell order quickly after the buy was performed already. Would be better to do it before, together with the buying order.

Are there any plans to add these kind of orders to T212 invest?

Ok well, now I understand everything. I will adopt a risk management that starts from taking into consideration the types of orders on the platform, thank you very much!

there will potentially be some more order types coming, but for now its best to get familiar with what’s available and plan around them :+1:

most of the time orders don’t trigger because they are set just outside of the achieved range rather than by any failing of the orders themselves. savvy order usage is more reliable than a fancy complex order.

most people who look to use the invest accounts, don’t do so with the idea of treating the stocks they purchase like CFDs where if the price dips a little they “must sell” to stay safe, lots of us ignore the daily price fluctuations and only pay attention to the long term trend and ultimately profit well from doing so for far less effort. so while you see the feature in the CFD trading account, you are unlikely to see it in the invest account anytime soon. there are many ways to manage risk that don’t require you to panic sell your positions.

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