Coperate Bonds - How to buy?

I guess alot of us have been reading lots of companies are issuing lots of new bonds at 7-11 % interest rates and want a piece of it!

Does anyone know a ETF that tracks these or that we can buy in directly? (preferably already on 212 / or that we can request in the other forum)


I am also interested in investing in bonds on T212.

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If I understand correctly you want to invest in bonds through ETFs, so fixed income ETFs are probably what you’re looking for.
Go to iShares, Vanguard, SPDR or any other provider of ETFs and select a fixed income ETF which aligns with your goals (get familiar with credit ratings and durations of bonds etc).

LQDE is very popular (not fractional though), LCRP (also not fractional) is very similar to LQDE and has a price tag of ~$30


What about bonds without ETF?