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Hello you very intelligent and amazing people. I do hope you are enjoying another week and i do hope you are continuing to be successful with your trading.

I have been learning how to do Forex trading with a few online courses and reading books on this subject. I have been practising in a demo account my trades. I kindly wondered please if anyone knows of any traders that offer Copy Trading please for Forex? To get started i would love to put a small amount in a Copy Trading protocol. Further what programs are used for this Copy Trading please? If anyone kindly had any advice on this i would be forever grateful and i would appreciate it, more than you may know.

Wishing you all the very best and keep smiling. Thank you very much for reading my post and any advice you may be able to give. Take care.

First of all, nobody has called me very intelligent since preschool - so thank you for your kindness.

Second, as I’m sure others will comment - Forex trading and CFD, in general, are not for everyone. Most people lose money (some 19-20% profit in the long run) because trading is something that looks easy but, in reality, is really hard and requires tons of discipline.

I don’t have that discipline, and Investing in stocks & ETFs is a good enough adventure for me.

Third and last - CFD Copy trading is a scam (personal opinion).

Hope that’s useful. Invest your hard-earned money wisely and don’t rush it.


I agree. Most of the time you have to pay some sort of subscription and the only one benefiting is the one who receives the subscription fees.

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