Corporate Events - 26.07.2021

Hey, everybody :wave:

Monday’s unfolding to be quite the eventful day, as we set foot into an even more eventful week to come. This is why we thought, that it might be a good idea, to create a summary of everything that has happened, thus far :memo: :

  • We have reflected the SPAC merger between Churchill Capital Corp IV and Lucid Group Inc. The new entity will carry the name Lucid Group Inc. and will be traded on NASDAQ.

  • Auris Medical Holding Ltd. becomes Altamira Therapeutics Ltd.

  • Tuscan Holdings Corp has acquired Mircovast Inc. and the new entity will carry the name of the acquisition target.

* For the above events, there has been no change in the number of shares held in your account.

  • Templeton Emerging Markets Investment Trust PLC (ТЕМ) completed a stock split, 5-for-1.

  • Alaska Communications Systems - Acquisition, all affected clients received the following notification:

Alaska Communications Systems has been acquired by ATN International Inc. Your position will be closed at $3.40 per share.

We’ll keep you up to date, as the week develops further! Until then, feel free to post your comments & questions in the thread below :arrow_heading_down:


What is happening with WORK, acquired by CRM last week? All I see is that trading in WORK shares is suspended.

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Hi, @Richard.W

You are right, Slack (WORK) has been acquired. We are currently waiting for further information about the event. Once such is available, we will let you know.

UPDATE: The event has been successfully executed, however, as you know, stock distribution is not yet available through the platform, therefore you’ll receive the stock part in cash, following the 1:0.0776 ratio as per the deal.

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