Correct figures?

Are these accurate?? 706,000 usd for one share? Nearly 1 million pound?

Maybe it is because of reverse splits.

Ahhh oh yeah, just confusing looking at charts like that. Imagine shorting AYRO :joy:

You realise you can’t make money by shorting a company into a reverse split, right?

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Ohoh no I am meant it as a joke like when they came onto exchange imagine u shorted them

I don’t think anyone shorting wouldn’t know what a split is.

A stock split increases the number of shares and decreases the market price.

A reverse stock split decreases the number of shares and increases the market price.


Yeah I know that, but I get your point now cos they done splits price has rose to that high but obvs was never that. Like aurora doing split madd price say 100

The business combination of Dropcar, Inc. (DCAR) and AYRO, Inc. is expected to be completed today, Thursday, May 28, 2020. As a result, the common stock of DropCar, Inc. will undergo a one-for-ten (1-10) reverse stock split immediately followed by a two-for-one (2-1) forward split. The combined split actions will result in a net effect of a one-for-five (1-5) reverse stock split. DropCar Inc. will also effect a name, symbol, and CUSIP change. The combined company will be named AYRO, Inc. (AYRO).

So you’re saying I should get long AYRO? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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and looking at DCAR back then…

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Reading that this early has hurt my head :rofl::rofl::rofl: a 1 for 2 and a 2 for 10 (made up) I sometimes think when they do stuff like that it’s for a better reason, but I’m not saying long or short it!