XSPA reverse split

When is the price and share amount going to change?

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@David n we have an update on this before open please?

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I want to know this too!!!

Stock has not updated and no response from the team. Excellent.


Still frozen. When are you going to fix this?

Once the stock goes lower

The first question was posted 5 hours ago! Shambolic they can’t provide info on such a crucial change.

There is still a disparity between yahoo finance and T212.
I was wondering what is going on.

It’s just started working now

Updated. Looks like someone just woke up.

The split just became effective, the company can now be traded.

15 minutes after open? 5 hours after no reply to the original question?

Why did my 5 shares that I bought at an average of $2. Turn into 1 share with an average price of $6.79??? That too when XSPA didn’t even go above $4.96 today???

There was a 3-1 split which means for every 3 stocks you had you now get 1 worth 3x the price. And the rest of the stocks which could not be divided by 3 got sold.

Divide that price by 3 - it should equal the price you paid before RS. Mine is showing correct ie 3 times the price it was at close yesterday.

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If you bought stock at 2.59 after the reverse split what happened was that for every 3 stocks you had you got 1 that was worth 3x the closing price. That’s way it says you bought at 7.77 (3×2.59=7.77)

@amberb07 Before complaining to the FCA, we’d recommend checking your platform messages & doing a quick google search for what a reverse stock split does. Or just going through the avalanche of content on this community about previous stock splits.


It might have been helpful if the notification was sent out as it happened not 30 minutes later. Could have prevented a lot of confusion

Notification for what? The reverse split, cause if thats what you are talking about, the news came out yesterday morning