Google 20 for 1 stock split

Following on from quarterly earnings report, Alphabet (Google) announced a 20 for 1 stock split.

I wanted to understand how this will be implemented by T212?
Given that a single GOOGL (Class A) costs $2,750, I don’t own a full share, only a fraction.
Will T212 liquidate my position as was done during the Tesla stock split in 2020 or will my fractional shares get multiplied by 20? (e.g. 0.2 shares would now become 4 shares)

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We didn’t support fractional shares through stock splits, at the time when Tesla went through one, so, I can see where the question comes from, @AHA.

We have since optimized the process and fractional shares get split just as whole shares do.

You may refer to the article kindly shared by @Zergui above for more information. :v:


Will the Google 20-1 split also happen in European exchange both A & C class.


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The stock split will be applied to both classes (Class A and Class C) listed on the Deutsche Börse Xetra.