Cost Basis in Pies


I was wondering if somebody could clarify how partial selling in pies works?
For example, when I sell 1/3 of a position and I need to report that to my tax office, how do I determine the cost basis for those shares? Is it First In First Out? Am I supposed to export all the buys for that stock and calculate it or is there more effective way?

Thanks alot for any info…

The cost basis for tax purposes will need to be done in line with your countries tax policy.

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The cost basis is your average price over all your shares of the same company, so for example;

10 shares at £10 + 10 shares at £20 = 20 shares at £15

If you then sold 10 shares at £20, it would be a £5 gain per share, totalling £50 in gains from the shares that you’ve sold.

Hope that helps! :upside_down_face:

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